People advise us all the time. Telling us the do’s and don’t’s to apply in our lives. They give opinions and walk away. They think it easy to tell the truth. I know it isn’t. It is like you are there standing alone and the world against you. Well, this is the truth. It always has been this way from the start of our life with a school till living away from home doing a job.

Looking back, we all wish things could be changed so today would be different. Things wouldn’t be the way it is. It would be better somehow. Alas, time is a tricky phenomenon. The mistakes we made, have built the future giving the bitterness of experiences and the joy of memories.

It would have been interesting to have powers like a witch or wizard, but even being a muggle we still possess power to change things and do right by people and things around us. We can still make a difference by spreading the joy, smiles, happiness and all those qualities which make us human. We can still create magic.

Embrace the light.

We could be the guiding light like that of the stars. Burn in the darkness of this world to show others light.

I have heard in books and movies-

“A heart of the man can be easily corrupted.”

I do not doubt that it can’t be. The hunger for power and greed can taint the hearts of those who desire nothing more. Love and hatred are such overwhelming emotions too. They don’t go hand in hand. Either can build or destroy.

Our emotions are the reason to every action we take or the major decisions we make in our life. It is our actions that either builds us or destroys all. So there is no one else to be blamed for our past or future. Shit happens in life with all of us, but how we react to it forms our life. These emotions define us and our future so, be wise.

“Think before you act.”



Sometimes it hurts so much..when u look back and every memory waves at you…but…now whn u open ur eyes…evrything is changed…everything is lost somewhere…that innocent eyes…that sweet voice …that beautiful smile….its all lost..faded…want to catch them all, hold it tight but it seems foolish as if to catch the falling sand granules or the running water or the sunshine…These eyes filled upto the brim…rain is about to come…each drop sinks the heart deep inside… just need u the way you were! Those moments poured smile as well as stab the inside of the soul… eyes awaits just in hope! Love you more each second.